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22nd August 2023

Moto Touring Colombia

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will redefine your sense of adventure? Look no further than the captivating landscapes of Colombia, a motorcyclist's paradise where the open road stretches out like a canvas painted with natural wonders.
20th November 2019

Black Friday Deal

Black Friday Deal In Moto Ride Medellin we want to give you the chance of catching a great deal for your scooter or motorcycle rental in […]
9th September 2019

1-day free scooter rental raffle

So, what do you think about getting 1 day scooter rental in Medellin for free? In Moto Ride Medellin – Scooter & Motorcycle rental, we want you to try the experience!
6th June 2019

The best of Medellin and Antioquia on a motorcycle

Many tourists crowding the busy streets of this modern city find that a motorcycle rental in Medellin allows them to have a different outlook and appreciation for its beauty. Riding a scooter or motorcycle by yourself or accompanied by friends, you can enjoy many more attractions, explore the breathtaking natural wonders, and feel free to go anywhere for some new adventures and excitement. City adventures starting from a scooter rental in Medellin...